An optimal scapular resting position

Marta Gómez Casas


noviembre 12, 2020

👉🏻 The ability to position the shoulder blades appropriately is essential to safe and effective upper extremity movement. In order for that to occur, the shoulder blades have to start in the right position. First and foremost, proper assessment is crucial.

👉🏻 “Neutral” posture has the shoulder blades sitting at around 5 degrees of upward rotation at rest. The black line on the cover photo represents the correct position, but you see that his shoulder blade sits in about 20-25 degrees of downward rotation (the red line). Of course, this could mean nothing – but can cause some performance issues and consequently irritation/pain & injuries (which is not that rare case).

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In f🔎cus,
Marta & Luka

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