In Prehab Focus, our goal is to help you reduce the likelihood of injury, or rehab the existing one with minimal chances of recurrence

  1.  Assessment
  2. Sending an individual treatment program
  3. Consultations 
  4. Pre- post pregnant Physiotherapy
  5. Small pilates group
  6. Small pelvic floor group

Who you can count on during the process?

The full support will be given by the top-level team: Physical therapist, Marta; and physical preparation coach, Luka. We will help you achieve your injury prevention and/or rehabilitation goals in effective and proven manner."

How do we work?

 In order to design your individualized treatment/training program, it is necessary to complete our questionnaire to better understand your needs and make a video assessment with us.


We offer treatment/training programs that you can do on your own through , as well as personal  sessions of physical therapy and/or physical preparation.

Complete the questionnaire

We want to know you and your needs better

Free video consultation & assessment

We arrange a session that allows us to create your program 

Make the payment

Through Paypal or wire transfer after our video session

Sending individual treatment program

Exercises and instructions that are made so you can easily do it on your own

Learn about the services we offer.

Making  training / treatment program

In-person  session with us

consultations (e-mail, whatsapp...)

Pre-post pregnant Physiotherapy

Small pilates group

Small pelvic floor group




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