Walk to reduce chronic pain

Luka Kovacevic

Preparador físico

enero 28, 2021

👉🏻 Walking is a very helpful low intensity and low impact activity almost anyone can do. Synergistic muscle actions specific to walking place pressure through the lymphatic and venous systems in order to push excess fluid that’s accumulated through local stress back into central circulation… Long story short, managing local and systemic inflammation is the name of the game in recovery, and walking is the simplest way to do it.

👉🏻 Also, walking can actually be a powerful pain reliever. It can activate key stabilizers of the spine, improve functionality within the prime movers of the body, and trigger recovery and blood flow to tissues that need activity, especially if you’re broken down and hurt. Just make sure to walk a bit faster, 4-5+ days a week, around 20-30+ mins each time.

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In f🔎cus,
Marta & Luka

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