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In Prehab Focus our joint expertise will help you achieve your goals in the field of injury reduction and rehabilitation.

Our team consists of top level physiotherapist and physical preparation coach.

" Marta Gómez, a gold and silver physio "

The physiotherapist has 'conquered' two Olympic titles and two second places in Tokyo 2020 with the Chinese swimmer Yufei Zhang, with whom she has been confined for the last year and a half and has helped to improve her functionality due to the scoliosis she suffers.

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Luka Kovacevic

Physical preparation coach

"I am a physical preparation coach. I worked with general population and high-level athletes all around the world (including speed skating world record holder and numerous former world champions). I also collaborated and learned from the best physical preparation coaches.

Physical preparation (including injury prevention, recovery and rehab strategies) is my huge passion.

I love making people resilient to injury, as well as making them move and perform better."

Marta Gómez Casas


"I'm a physiotherapist, I have worked with the physiotherapy team of Dr Pedro Guillen and Dr. Leyes & Flores (Cemtro Clinic). Currently, I'm working with the Chinese Olympic Swimming Team.

Over the last two years I have worked with Zhang Yufei, double Olympic gold (with an Olympic record in 200m butterfly and world record in 4x200 freestyle) and double Olympic silver in Tokyo 2020, helping her to improve her functionality due to the ideopathic scoliosis she suffers from, observing their movements and discovering where the ineffectiveness of those ones were, to get the seconds that make you Olympic gold.

As I stated in my attached resume, “my passion” is physical therapy, as well as injury prevention and sports rehabilitation - with the main purpose of helping patients and sharing both knowledge and professional experience with anyone who goes through the process of temporary inability to perform their usual tasks.

My goal is to help patients do their best."


Patience and persistence are qualities to be able to carry out successfully any effort that is worthwhile


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In Prehab Focus we offer treatment/training programs that you can do on your own through video-program, as well as personal online sessions of physical therapy and/or physical preparation.

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